Full framebag, 'Bertha'

Full framebag, 'Bertha'

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A frame bag is such a great way to utilise what was once 'wasted space' on your bike frame. Packing your frame bag with your heavier items gets the weight not only off your back but positions the weight much lower. By creating a lower center of gravity you will use less energy, allowing you to not only ride further but ride more comfortably.

Prices are variable depending on your required configuration.

Full bag with one zip on the drive side $220AUD

Two zips on the drive side with internal divider $270AUD

Two zips on the drive side and one on the non-drive side for a slim pocket to store maps or your fav muesli bar $320AUD

Add $15AUD for Xpac vx21.

All bags are lined with a bright contrasting color Ripstop fabric for extra water resistance and protection.

Each Bertha frame bag is custom made to suit your frame. Simply send in a cardboard cutout, decide on materials and we do the rest!

A mix of 500D Cordura, 1000D Cordura or Xpac vx21.

3mm cell foam around the edge for support and frame protection.

Heavy duty waterproof zipper and 3M reflective interwoven cord zipper pull.